Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Next mixtape release-Locomotive Vol.3

What it is folks? Locomotive back in the building again. This time to speak a lil bit about my next mixtape release "Locomotive Vol.3". This release will be above and beyond the first two because I have grown more as an artist and the concepts are going to pull u in even more. Also, the features on this one will be pretty nice wit it as well. It will featuring cats like rob doe, murder mitten trell, kb, young judah, ash lakash, and a few more up and comers. So not only will I build up my buzz more, but I will also introduce more new artist and get them buzzing. I want this mixtape to hit u like "Damn he put this together and treated it like art". This one will be a defining mixtape for me to truly establish myself as an artist. They'll say yeah that's L-train fasho. This mixtape however will not be released until 2010. It will most likely be late winter to early spring when it drops. I'm going to ride the buzz of vol.2 for a lil while before this next one drops. I may release one track from it though to hold everyone over lol. But be sure to be on the lookout for that and all the other artist that are featured on this upcoming release

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fresh off the runway-Jessica Lewis

What up folks? We on the corner again but this time got the spotlight on a beautiful model. She goes by the name of Jessica Lewis aka Jess Rabbit. This Detroit beauty is quite the sight for anyone with two eyes, one eye, hell any type of sight lol. She enjoys Japanese anime, acting, and of course Modeling. This beauty stands at about 5'9 and is about to be one of the new it factors in the modeling world. So watch out for this girl because she is most definetely on her way. So clear your runways and allow jess rabbit to land in and let the cameras flick.

Here are some of her websites:

Monday, October 12, 2009

New artist Spotlight-Rob Doe

What up folks? This is when I take the time to put the spotlight on another upcoming artist. This time around is Rob Doe. A native detroiter who began rapping at an early age. He use to watch his older brother rap, which would soon develop into him rapping himself. Throughout his middle school years to now he has grown into quite an artist. His style is quite creative and one of his own. One thing he takes pride in is his lyrical dexterity and versatility. At one moment he can rap on a battle type tip. Then the next he is dropping an introspective record proving he is not the same ol artist from the D. He is always trying to progress his craft and make his mark on the music world, which makes him a true artist and a creative cat all around. So be sure to support this dude to the fullest. Here are some of his websites:




Facebook L-train: "L-train

L-train began rapping July 2005 when he was amongst comrades Rob Doe and Aaron B aka Tactic. He was shy when it came to rapping but on July 4th all of that changed. He wrote his first rap and since then he has become a full fledged artist. Now his buzz has grown considerably and he now rocks with the Y.H.E. label family. On a quest to get his music out to the world. Showing everyone that Detroit is not dead when it comes to musical talent. L-train uses a smooth laid back style with slick metaphors and wordplay, but he can also be raw and tear it down with punchlines. His content spans from just talking fly on a beat about the usual to deep and meaningful issues that deal with social, economical, and emotional issues. Showing not only lyric dexterity but also versatility with topic manner. So he is never limited to one box. With the support of close friends and fans. It seems this locomotive isn't slowing down anytime soon. So be on the lookout and make sure to have your boarding pass cause the L-train is departing to go straight to the top"

You can find me on multiple websites. Some of them are:


MTV's 10 hottest

Hello world, L-train is in the building and I'm gone talk to you today about Mtv's 10 hottest list. I know a lot of people are a lil upset at the results. Personally, I didn't totally agree with it but then again what do you expect from todays media. Here is the list as follows:

10. Raekwon
9. 50 Cent
8. Fabolous
7. Young Jeezy
6. Gucci Mane
5. Rick Ross
4. Kanye West
3. Drake
2. Lil Wayne
1. Jay-Z

Really out of all of these there are only a few I truly agree with. Let's start with number 10 folks. Now I think MTV did this just for pity because Raekwon is above half these cats on this list. He was they selection so that people couldn't say this list was bias. Ha yeah right whatever MTV. Cuban linx 2 was easily one of the most anticipated albums of this year...hell this decade lol. It easily over killed most of the albums that came out this year. One track you can listen to is called "Canal Street". He something crazy. Then he had Dr. Dre...Mr. super producer backing him on this project. If that doesn't burn hot I don't know what does then. Bottomline Raekwon should be higher than what he is. He barely made the list WTF.

Next up the guy you love to hate and hate to love. Curtis "50 Cent" quite honestly I don't know how he made it on the list because he hasn't moved digits since his massacre days, he is not talked about as much, or even bought up in most conversations I'm in or hear. He is basically on here because of the internet and only that. All of the publicity stunts and the on going fued with fat joe is keeping him in it, but that fails because this is based on what the MC is doing all around. The most I'll give curtis is the business side of things because he handles that. If anything I respect him as a businessman but not a music artist. Honestly, fif hasn't been hot since 2003-2005. Its 09 now and his fire been fizzled out to me. Unless he re emerges with something crazy. We'll see what the controversial king comes with next

He is the brooklynite that doesn't get the credit he deserves. As he airs that out on "The Way" which is the intro to his new cd "Loso's Way". I'm talking about fabolous who gets the number 8 spot on the list. Now this guy has been nice with it since he came out, but nowadays he is not the fab I know and love in my opinion. Throw it in the bag was not all that to me. Especially when you compare it to his past hits that he's had. A lot of the production on his new album was not too great neither. However this album did have nice music on it. My favorite tracks are "Umma do it" and of course "Pachangas". Fab should be a lil higher on the list though because he has the swagger and of course what matter the skill. Especially has that over the next three on the list

Well now its our favorite trapper/Motivational Speaker as he would call himself. Its Young Jeezy coming in at 7. Now this guy had the streets buzzing especially with the first album. The second one didn't really hit me greatly and then his most recent work the recession. Now with this album Jeezy decided to come with a different approach. He decided to focus on politics with a lil flash talk here and there. My tracks that I enjoyed off the album was "Put on", "Word Play", and "Baby don't do it". "My president" of course was the anthem of 2008 and led to our president getting into the white house. So jeezy capitalized off the "obama frenzy" and it worked. Now as far as skills he is pretty average. I would say that this spot is about right if not one more up.

Aww yes...out of all the people on the list. I despise this guy the most. Why because he is terrible when it comes to rapping. I'm talking about Gucci Mane. I'll give him this though...he has the streets buzzing something crazy. That is mainly though due to his production (which at time is average), and what he talks about. All this guy does is rap typical and make mainly songs for the club. Yes he is hot now but how long with that really last. You have to have a pretty nice foundation to stay hot for awhile and with this guy I don't see it. He has no skill whatsoever and to be considered hot. You have to say things and do things that are hot. With him I just see regular. I mean no knock to what he doing now because he doing big things. Its just he is not really my cup of tea. He is on a lot of songs right now (yes), his mixtape game is crazy (yes), but at the end of the day that's all he has

Fresh out of Carol City Corrections is our favorite parole officer Rick Ross. Now if one thing keeps rick ross a float is his production, which is usually pretty nice and very listenable. His skills are slightly above average. I say this because at times he has pretty nice rhyme schemes and his flow can be kind of coo to compliment that. Otherwise though he is pretty much the same ol same ol. Yes "Magnificent" was easily one of the hottest songs of this year with John Legend murdering the hook and Justice League providing smooth production. Rick still commits suicide in the sense of his CO duties and beefing with the guy that just uses it as a stunt (50 Cent). A lot of people already speculates the beef as "publicity". Well at the end of the day it really didn't work for ricky. Deeper than rap is only at about gold status. So he should be at about maybe a spot lower or right where he's at.

Next up its everybodies favorite crybaby Kanye West. Now when he first started his rap career dude was on fire. He dropped "College Dropout", followed up with "Late Registration", and then with a triumphant first week over curtis dropped "Graduation". Then it was all downhill after that. Kanye fell victim to the auto tune phenomenon started by T-Pain. 808s and heartbreak wasn't totally bad but it didn't pull like his past albums did and I find an whole album of auto tune annoying. If anything what makes him hot and talked about is his media stunts. Now everyone watched the VMA's. Yes, Kanye stood up for what he thought but he did it all so wrong and ruined taylor swifts moment. Then peoples questioned his sincerity in his multiple apologies making it all bad. This guy needs to take a break for a lil while and comeback refreshed. That is why I'm glad he is not doing his tour (Fame kills with Lady Gaga). He can be an great artist when he wants to though

Aww the toronto native that has the whole industry and nation buzzing. I'm talking about Aubrey "Drake" Graham. Now this kid is pretty nice. I been listening to him long before he became truly popular and I said he would become big. Now this guy is the hottest thing since hip hop models lol. His critically acclaimed "So Far Gone" mixtape helped him sky rocket to crazy heights. Now everyone wants to either sign him or do a song with him. We have not seen this kind of buzz since when 50 first arrived on the scene back in 2003. The only thing I fear with Drake is that he will become saturated and not live up to everyones expectations. To be honest being associated with lil wayne may unfortunately cause that, but that is the person that helped launch his professional career. In the end though Drake is an new artist who most definetely is making and leaving his mark on this rap game and has the potential to be great.

Aah yes Mr. new orleans or better known as Lil Wayne had quite a nice run in the last year and a half. Having had the biggest selling album of 2008, featuring on almost everybodies song, clutching four grammies, and having one of the biggest selling tours. Not bad at all for Mr. Carter. Although all those feats were great I still don't totally agree with him being number 2. To me after the carter 3 craze he started to die down. With all types of controversy such as misdemeanors with the law, cough syrup addiction, etc. He was tearing himself down. Now when on the mic Wayne has his times and then its like yo what the hell was he thinking? Did he really just say that? Don't get me wrong the carter 3 had some joints I enjoyed, which were "Mr. Carter", "Comfortable", "Dr. Carter", "Let the beat build", and "You ain't got nuthin". He definetely makes his mark but I think his homeboy Drake is going to move him aside and takeover.

Well now we arrive at the top spot and who to sit there but the usual suspect known as Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z. Now looking at his career he is undeniably an icon and one of hip hop's best. 11 number one albums with blueprint 3 helping him acheive that. He sets and ends most trends and is easily one of the most influential figures around. Recently, though it seems the wrinkles on Jay are starting to show. His material now doesn't even pale in comparison to his past work, but now he got the streets (and due to promotion), hype, and anticipation to make bp3 the most anticipated album of 2009. Too bad this album didn't not totally hold up to its weight. The album has some enjoyable tracks that I enjoyed. Such as "Thank You", "Empire State of Mind", "Already Home", "A star is born", and "So ambitious". This album doesn't hit you hard though. Not like how the first blue print did. Besides that though the guy is an all around mogul and it seems whatever he is involved in business wise is successful. So I won't argue too much with this one because at this point hov is better than most on this list but not all