Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Next mixtape release-Locomotive Vol.3

What it is folks? Locomotive back in the building again. This time to speak a lil bit about my next mixtape release "Locomotive Vol.3". This release will be above and beyond the first two because I have grown more as an artist and the concepts are going to pull u in even more. Also, the features on this one will be pretty nice wit it as well. It will featuring cats like rob doe, murder mitten trell, kb, young judah, ash lakash, and a few more up and comers. So not only will I build up my buzz more, but I will also introduce more new artist and get them buzzing. I want this mixtape to hit u like "Damn he put this together and treated it like art". This one will be a defining mixtape for me to truly establish myself as an artist. They'll say yeah that's L-train fasho. This mixtape however will not be released until 2010. It will most likely be late winter to early spring when it drops. I'm going to ride the buzz of vol.2 for a lil while before this next one drops. I may release one track from it though to hold everyone over lol. But be sure to be on the lookout for that and all the other artist that are featured on this upcoming release

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fresh off the runway-Jessica Lewis

What up folks? We on the corner again but this time got the spotlight on a beautiful model. She goes by the name of Jessica Lewis aka Jess Rabbit. This Detroit beauty is quite the sight for anyone with two eyes, one eye, hell any type of sight lol. She enjoys Japanese anime, acting, and of course Modeling. This beauty stands at about 5'9 and is about to be one of the new it factors in the modeling world. So watch out for this girl because she is most definetely on her way. So clear your runways and allow jess rabbit to land in and let the cameras flick.

Here are some of her websites:

Monday, October 12, 2009

New artist Spotlight-Rob Doe

What up folks? This is when I take the time to put the spotlight on another upcoming artist. This time around is Rob Doe. A native detroiter who began rapping at an early age. He use to watch his older brother rap, which would soon develop into him rapping himself. Throughout his middle school years to now he has grown into quite an artist. His style is quite creative and one of his own. One thing he takes pride in is his lyrical dexterity and versatility. At one moment he can rap on a battle type tip. Then the next he is dropping an introspective record proving he is not the same ol artist from the D. He is always trying to progress his craft and make his mark on the music world, which makes him a true artist and a creative cat all around. So be sure to support this dude to the fullest. Here are some of his websites: