Monday, October 12, 2009


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L-train began rapping July 2005 when he was amongst comrades Rob Doe and Aaron B aka Tactic. He was shy when it came to rapping but on July 4th all of that changed. He wrote his first rap and since then he has become a full fledged artist. Now his buzz has grown considerably and he now rocks with the Y.H.E. label family. On a quest to get his music out to the world. Showing everyone that Detroit is not dead when it comes to musical talent. L-train uses a smooth laid back style with slick metaphors and wordplay, but he can also be raw and tear it down with punchlines. His content spans from just talking fly on a beat about the usual to deep and meaningful issues that deal with social, economical, and emotional issues. Showing not only lyric dexterity but also versatility with topic manner. So he is never limited to one box. With the support of close friends and fans. It seems this locomotive isn't slowing down anytime soon. So be on the lookout and make sure to have your boarding pass cause the L-train is departing to go straight to the top"

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